The taveerne (TAV) is located at the northern coastline in Callantsoog and is a meeting place for everybody in this village. During summertime about 50.000 people visit this beautiful place. The dishes that are served  are good and comfortable barfood, and for diner time easy plates with a high quality standard. In the summer we attrack a lot of families and loads of other people, young or old.



We are looking for a cook who is familiar with all the parties in the kitchen.


Proven experience at all the different parties in the kitchen. Familiar with concepting new dishes, calculating and making delivery orders. You are independent and know how to manage the kitchen autonomously. You are dedicated, motivated and up for an adventure.



A confident person who is at ease in the kitchen at all parties with a good sense of humor and who wants to be a part of a vibrant, energetic restaurant team.


We offer an initial contract period of 6 months, from June till November.  If the suitability and involvement of both parties is proven, the contract will be extended for a period of 1 year. On the first contract we offer a monthly salary between 1750 and 2150 a month,- gross for 38  hours  a week, excluding holiday pay. The salary depends on age and proven experience.